Listen to Songs from Rev. Steve Foss

1. I Am Yours
(Copyright 2012)
Notes: I wrote this song upon the first anniversary of my father's passing, and was spending some personal moments in worship when the Lord gave it to me.
2. In Remembrance
(Copyright 1988)
Notes: This song was written as I was dealing with the tragic loss of a dear sister in Christ, Barbara Goforth Lewis. I had been invited to lead the music and worship in a series of meetings at Northwood Baptist Church, where Barbara and her husband, Lewis, were members. We were to share a supper together that week, however she lost her life in a horrible auto accident with an eighteen wheeler on a nearby highway. I dealt with the devastating loss through the questions I posed in the chorus.
3. Just As I Am
(Arrangement copyright 1987)
Notes: This arrangement of the hymn was written during another time of personal worship to Jesus. Please excuse my voice cracking on the first line. I was recording under a time crunch and didn't think it would be quite that obvious.

I hope you were blessed by one or all of the songs.

Jn. 3:30,