"Give Him the name Jesus..."  Matthew 1:21

So... what's in a name? Well, in biblical times and even in many cultures still today, one's name might reflect: the hope of a child's parents in a new born life; a prophetic identification of a child's life purpose; an early personality trait; or a physical trait celebrated by the child's parents.

The name of Jesus comes from Hebrew, Joshua (Yeshu'a), meaning deliverer or savior. To understand the term today it could be translated, 'rescuer'. The name was given to Joseph and Mary by the angel Gabriel (see Luke 1:26), who who recognized the name that existed from eternity past. Gabriel knew the power and majesty of this name that is above every name. The angelic visitor had seen that, when the name is mentioned in heaven, every knee bows and every tongue confesses Jesus as Lord.

There were many dynamics for God to overcome in accomplishing His planto bring His Son into the world. He selected Mary and Joseph,  placing His trust in them to follow-through as directed. Joseph should be commended for his resolve to continue his engagement to Mary; Mary should be commended for her resolve to accept her assignment from God; and they both should be applauded for naming the child, Jesus, just as the angel had directed.

He has selected you too, Believer, for some heavenly purpose. You may not have experienced an angelic visit, but God still desires to work His purposes out through your life. He is depending on you to follow His leading just as much as He depended on Joseph and Mary. That's why the apostle Paul wrote that Christ in you in "the hope of glory". (see Colossians 1:27)

Seek Him while He may be found. Trust in His way, His will, and His Word... and carry the name with you wherever you go, for He is as close as the mention of His name