"...God so loved the world..." - John 3:16

God's love transcends race, creed, social status, education, and worldly status. This phrase, found in one of the most memorable verses in the Bible (John 3:16), mirrors the scope and magnitude of God's love for the signature of His creation - as we are made in His image.

The scope of God's love is trans-global. God desires fellowship with those who are created in His image and hold certain things in common with Him. God did not want to remain distant; and though there was a mystery concerning fellowship with our creator, that mystery was revealed in the person of Jesus Christ, Who being the Son of God, displayed the magnitude of God's love through His sacrificial death upon a cross. The verse is incomplete in its meaning without the next phrase, "that He gave His one and only Son".

The character of love is shown in giving. True love is selfless, always seeks to find ways to give and display that love, and is doggedly persistent... which is why lovers pursue their true love. God pursues us with His love and desires for us to understand the display of that love on the cross.

What does this mean for those who follow the cross? What direction does this phrase give to the lives of Believers across the world?

> Followers of Christ are to demonstrate love to all people, without prejudice.
> Followers of Christ are to love as Christ loved, sacrificially.
> Followers of Christ are to live as intentionally as He did in demonstrating redeeming love to all people.

I recommend the book, "Follow Me", by David Platt. It will provoke the heart to differentiate God's way from our secular conditioning, and to ask how we can love as Christ loved.

Five simple words... but they sure are powerful...