“We have found the Messiah!” - John 1:41

The expectation for a deliverer who would establish the heavenly kingdom was deeply embedded in the hearts of Israelites for millennia. It had been predicted throughout their prophetic literature which became the hope of a small country toward final national legitimacy. Imagine the excitement in the mind of Andrew as he scurried to find his brother, Simon (later known as Peter, the disciple so named by Jesus). You see, Andrew had spent time with John the Baptist, ‘soaking in’ (pardon the pun, I just couldn’t help it) the wilderness theologian’s instruction on sin, redemption, and a soon coming final sacrifice – The Lamb of God Who takes away the sin of the world; the one Who baptizes in the Holy Spirit. (see John 1:29-33)

It seems Andrew took John’s recognition of Jesus literally and began to follow Him. Jesus welcomed him, and even showed Andrew where he was staying. Andrew and Peter quickly witnessed Jesus inviting Philip to come along. Like Andrew, Philip shared similar news with his friend Nathanael. Jesus convinced Nathanael of His identity when He described seeing him under a fig tree before Philip found him.

The remarkable dynamic with both Andrew and Philip is the compelling wonder for each to share the news of finding the Messiah – as if each had the exclusive insider knowledge of this long awaited deliverer. It began with John the Baptizer who pointed Andrew to Jesus. It seems Philip may have been a friend of Andrew’s, as they were both from Bethsaida. (see John 1:44) Do you see how contagious good news is? This seems to be the case when people discover the person of Jesus.

There was a woman Jesus met who ran to her village exclaiming that she had met the Christ, the promised one. (see John 4:29) And the entire village convinced Jesus to stay with them another two days, and many from that village came to place their trust in the authenticity of His Lordship. Jesus has always had that kind of effect on people because of the affect He has on the hearts of all who encounter His love and its power to be reconciled to God.

In fact, one could say that a true follower of Christ is contagious with enthusiasm about telling others about Him, His love, His power to heal, and His call to come apart from the world and its ways. I’m not talking about the world’s enthusiasm that is full of fluff, but the enthusiasm that is verified through a committed walk and passion to see others come into the same blessing of Christ’s light and life.

If you are a fully devoted follower of Christ, you will be an ‘Andrew’ to someone in your family, or a ‘Philip’ to a friend in your community, or a joyous citizen informing your community of God’s reconciling love through Jesus Christ. Let it be a litmus test for your life today in measuring your followship to Christ’s Lordship.

We’ve got good news to share in the world of bad news… let’s share it.