"And it came to pass..." - Matthew 26:1

These five simple words are some of the most comforting words to those facing conflict, struggle, sickness, despair, and the like. These words assure us that the circumstances that currently define our life situation are not permanent. Life does not stay the same, though one may endure long periods of facing the same struggles, one day it will change. I was awakened in the middle of the night with pain so severe that it brought me to my knees. It didn't take long for me to awaken mywife and ask her to take me to the hospital. Once at the hospital I begged for relief from the pain and was quickly medicated. The doctor ordered a number of tests be given which revealed that I was experiencing the pain of multiple kidney stones moving through my ureter toward my bladder. Once diagnosed, the doctor scheduled me for lithotripsy - a procedure that uses shock waves to break up the small calcifications, allowing them to move through the body uninhibited and eventually expelled through the body's urinary system. I was so greatly relieved when I could say, "And they came to pass!" The words "and it came to pass" can also bring dread and fear. The realization that the phrase also applies to our lives brings many to their knees quaking in fear of death. Reader, you need not fear such when your life is in the hands of a loving Savior Who died for you. When He speaks to your heart, surrender your life - heart, soul, and body - to Him. In fact, die to yourself before facing mortal death. When you do so, the stream of death will be but a short crossing into the arms of a waiting Redeemer!" And it came to pass..." These five words can be more clearly understood when our minds are surrendered to His Way. Don't let too much time pass before surrendering your life to Him.

I surrender all,