Five Understandable Words for Today

"Come up here to me…" Exodus 24:1

In one's daily discipline to seek the Lord, His will, and His way, there is a dynamic that occurs which is oftentimes disregarded in today's American culture of self reliance and self promotion. While it is true that heaven's King condescended to us (Philippians 2), it is also true that the follower of Christ apprehend His way as we draw near to Him. We cannot draw near to Him when we continueto be drawn to the world and the world's ways. We must seek the higher walk… the higher way. Drawing near to God elevates the Believer to a perspective that is only experienced from the mountain top of proximity to the King of Kings.

From the precipice of sanctification, the Believer sees the beauty of the valley of the shadow of death that awaits all: "How beautiful in the sight of God is the death of those He loves." There is no need to fear the challenges of the future once the future is seen as securely in the hands of a benevolent Commander Who will lead you from one mountain top of earth's joy to another, and finally to the joy of knowing the power of overcoming those lesser things which derail the life of faith. Love of the things of this world is enmity with God, for no one can serve two masters.

Being raised to walk in newness of life empowers the Believer. The same power that raised Jesus from the dead infuses the Christ follower with that abundant life ensuring victory over those things that compete for our affections and bring us down. I'd rather rejoice on the mountain top of personal victory than waller in the failure of sin, disappointment, guilt or anger. A crown awaits those who overcome. The voice of The One and Only is ready to speak the words, "Well done my good and faithful servant", to those who die to sin and self and live to Christ. For some, the climb up the mountain of spiritual disciplines requires the school of personal experience in seeking the path upward: the crevices of calamities to cross; the treacherous paths of the sliding rock of compromise; the punishment of the elements of regret and guilt. Once these hindrances of ascension have been navigated, the Believer's efforts are then focused on deliberating on the correct path to ascend; discovering the beauty of His holiness, and realizing the joy of His presence.

As my spirit seeks closeness with my Savior, the world's concerns are placed in His hands with complete confidence in His ability to work in and through all things for the good to those who love Him and are called according to His purposes. Drawing near to God reveals the hand of God reaching down to raise the climber to the safety of His secure grasp.

Do you hear Him calling?

Look for a hand up…