5 Understandable Words for Today

"...in him is no sin..." 1 John 3:5b

The purpose of John's letter was to confront the false teaching of the Gnostics.  The primary characteristic of false doctrine is how it distorts the person and ministry of Jesus Christ. When the life of Christ is seen from such a distorted perspective, it will lead to distortion of all He taught. Theologian Earl F. Palmer states: "...when the theological center is shifted, the result always has an ethical implication." (The Communicator's Commentary, Vo.12, p.53, p.1) In today's five understandable words, John exposes the ethical dilemma that arises from a counterfeit theology - continued patterns of sin.

John calls it as he sees it... stating anyone who continues in sin's pattern has neither seen the power of Christ or known Him. (v.6) In fact, John asserts those who live in Christ will not fall victim to sin's bondage... and that, my friends, is the key - living in Christ. A good example is seen in one's growing up under the protection of the home. When we live IN the home, we are privileged to enjoy its benefits: food, clothing, shelter, community, etc. However, those children who rebel and run away from home (in the context of a healthy, nurturing home), lose the provision and protection their home provided. Christ is our spiritual home Who has made Himself at home in our hearts. He is our hope and our strength.

Be freed from that sin which seems to plague you, and run to the rock that is higher and provides the refuge you need from sin's attacks. He will make a way for you to live victoriously over the sin that so easily entraps you.