5 Understandable Words for Today

“…The Lord sits enthroned forever…”  Psalm 9:7a

The king of Israel recognized both his finite humanity and God’s infinite deity. David knew his days on this earth were numbered. He also knew The Creator is also Sustainer and King; that one day all will stand before His throne to give an account for their lives. The evil will face their ultimate moment of justice (v.7b), and the entire world will be judged with righteousness which will exhibit God’s standard of all that is good and right. (v.8)

In the world, God is working out His righteousness to those who are oppressed, being their stronghold in times of trouble. (v.9) To those who have placed their trust in Him, He will not abandon, and will be available to those who have established a relationship on a name by name basis. (v.10)

We have a Father Who knows our names… His children run to Him and find security in knowing that though man is able to kill the body, God preserves the souls of the upright and destroys the souls of the wicked. As His children, we would do well to follow David’s example by recognizing God’s infinite deity as we reckon with our own temporal being.

There will come a day when we will stand before God. Those who know Him by name… those who have called upon that name that is above every name will receive the welcome home similar to that of the prodigal son – the Father will see us from afar, run to greet us and welcome us to the home The Son has prepared for us. What a day of rejoicing that will be!

Even so, Lord, quickly come!