5 Understandable Words for Today

“Who will bring us prosperity?”  Psalm 4:6a

This psalm of David reveals a leader calling out to God for guidance, strength, and deliverance in a time of low prosperity, high threats from other governments, and self-centered citizens who demand more and more from their own nation. (Sound familiar?) God answers immediately… but not to David personally, instead God chooses to address the nation with these words:

“How long will you people turn my glory into shame?
    How long will you love delusions and seek false gods?”

God breathed into David’s heart a confrontation to half-hearted people of faith who used their time of worship as a license to sell live animals to those who did not take the time to select the best from their own herd, or who did not want to give God the best from their herd in order to make more money on them at the market. God also confronted their continued infatuation with idolatry, which had been forbidden since the great exodus… yet, it persisted.

David, then seemed to exalt himself… yet, God was still inspiring David’s hand to record the holiness of God’s elect. When God chooses someone for His purposes, even the smallest act by that person becomes sanctified under the power of God. In the light of that awareness, David writes: “Know that the Lord has set apart his faithful servant for himself; the Lord hears when I call to him.” (v.3) God then speaks through the hand of the appointed ruler to tremble before almighty God, and to think before acting – holding every thought accountable to God (do not sin, v.4), instead, the sinner is to search his/her own heart and be still in contriteness before God. Then, and only then, is one worthy to come before God’s presence with an offering of thanksgiving, demonstrating trust in God to replace what is given to the giver – or even multiply the gift’s impact for God’s Kingdom. (v.5)

A prosperity gospel has been around since David’s day. People have always been presenting the question, “What about me?” – EVEN IN THEIR WORSHIP… people ask, “Who will bring us prosperity?” The issue at hand is an important one: WHEN IT COMES TO WORSHIP, IT’S ALL ABOUT GOD. GOD’S LOVE IS ALL ABOUT YOU, DEMONSTRATING HIS LOVE ON A CRUEL CROSS. WORSHIP IS NEVER ABOUT THE WORSHIPPER’S PREFERENCES, PRACTICES, TRADITIONS, OR AGENDAS… THERE IS NO MAGIC FORMULA FOR BRINGING IN A MOVE OF GOD’S SPIRIT. All we can do is pray and hope with expectation that The Father delights in surprising His children with His presence and power to change hearts and lives.

The question is still bantered around today in politics, sports, and business: “Who will bring us prosperity?” In God’s economy, all the gold in the world is only good enough to be used as pavement. Nevertheless, God understands the world’s systems and our needs, and David prays for the needs of his people in the closing statements of this psalm:

“Let the light of Your face shine on us. Fill my heart with joy when their grain and new wine abound.” (v.6b-7)

The King prayed in faith for a bountiful harvest! He trusted God completely; so much so, that he slept safely and soundly, knowing God was not slack in His watchcare over His beloved children.

Are we getting in the way of our selves when it comes to worship? Is the condition of our selfish heart inhibiting our access to approaching God’s throne? Who can ascend to the hill of The Most High? He who has clean hands and a pure heart. (Ps. 24:3-4; 2 Ch. 7:14) It is then when God will hear from heaven and heal the land.

Do you see the prosperity principle taking front seat across our land? Pray with me for a great awakening in our time, that we would first become rich in love and mercy, and wealthy in the knowledge of God’s Word deposited in our hearts and minds. THEN, we will have the wisdom and discernment to properly handle the gift of abundant material blessings God can send our way. It is then, we will come rejoicing as we bring in the sheaves of harvest. (Ps. 126:6)

Are Christians today unwilling to make the sacrifice to tithe? Have American Christians become a bunch of sanctimonious tippers? Are American Christians as guilty now as in David’s time of idolatry, glorifying the VIP’s of sports, business, and entertainment? Can we not see how these practices are holding back a great move of God? It is time for us to tremble before Him in awe; to search our hearts; and to seek His face in contrite submission to His way. God is waiting on HIS PEOPLE to humble themselves in pray. WE are the ones holding back a great awakening. Pray with me for Christians to awaken to our own self-worship, and our selfishness which resists God’s new and fresh anointing.

O, how I pray for godly leadership in the halls of our nation's government. I pray God moves across this land, releasing a move of His Spirit to bring a great awakening through the halls of Washington, DC, to the offices of Planned Parenthood, cleansing cities bent on sin and bringing about a new chapter of prosperity AFTER releasing the riches of His grace and mercy into our hearts.

In our time, Lord… please… in our time…