5 Understandable Words for Today

“…the wicked man conceives evil…”  Psalm 7:14a

The anointed, though un-coronated king of Israel described the character of Cush, the Benjaminite, who partnered with Saul to eliminate any threat to his rule. In characterizing an evil man, David used the metaphor of reproduction (v.14):

  • The ‘seed’ of the wicked only breeds evil, which is the main thought of today’s Five Understandable Words. Evil is like a germ that spreads, infecting the minds of those touting their open-mindedness.

  • Once the seed has been received into the heart and mind, an evil person is described as being pregnant with mischief; probably a multiple birth of triplets – stealing, killing, and destroying their intended target. (Read John 10:10)

  • The birthed infant is not a pretty sight to see: living lies spoken to coverup the evil man’s misdeeds. Jesus described satan as the father of lies. (John 8:44) It seems God breathed into David the truth of satan’s progeny.

Evil people scheme, going to great lengths in compromising, corrupting or capturing their target. David described it was similar to the effort exerted by one who digs a large pit… it’s must be exhausting to such people. Imagine the lies told to coverup the earlier lies. The lives that are destroyed to get to the target. The lies get deeper and deeper until the liar finds no way of escape… because she/he has fallen into their own pit of lies! (v.15) And the mischief triplets come tumbling down upon the evil person’s own head. (v.16)

Once David entered God’s presence, he received a larger picture of the threat around him and realized God was taking care of him. God gave David peace to trust Him concerning Cush’s threat and return to the important task at hand: his worship to God through thanksgiving and praise. (v.17) Seeing sinners from David’s metaphor allows us no particular joy to know of the sinner’s demise, and it was not the fodder for David’s praise, only the peace allowing David to worship God.

We are given, then, a new understanding of the fact that sinners will be judged, and that we worship God for His working in ways which pronounce His righteous ways! Both the sinner and the sin must be judged by God Who is both holy and just. (v.6)

Pray with me that God will expose corruption in our hearts and throughout our nation.