5 Understandable Words for Today

“Why do You hide Yourself…” Psalm 10:1b

The psalmist poses this rhetorical question as a premise to expose the actions and attitudes of evil people. Evil people do evil things because they either think they can get away with their schemes or that they will not be held accountable for them if caught. These wicked people are described as:

1.     Arrogant – they openly and doggedly pursue the poor to abuse them. (v.2)

2.     Boastful – they flagrantly and loudly speak of their need to have their desires fulfilled. (v.3a)

3.     Profane – they openly curse and profane God’s name. (vv.3b & 7a)

4.     Egocentric – they have the delusional belief that they are beautiful. (v.4a)

5.     Heathen – they do not believe in God. (v.4b)

6.     Reckless – they do not believe in any accountability to a supreme authority. (vv. 5b, 11, & 13)

7.     Prosperous – they have no moral compass and use deceit and oppression for their selfish gain. (vv. 5 & 7b)

8.     Stealthy – they exercise the element of surprise for the unsuspecting poor, to place them in lives of servitude. (vv. 8-10)

When it comes to evil and those who carry out evil actions, not much has changed. Evil is just as prevalent, and perhaps even more so today, as it was in ancient times. The only difference today may be that evil people disguise their wickedness through sophistication, legalese, and duplicity.

As gangs, druglords, despots, and wicked national leaders abuse the poor and create anarchy among their communities and countries, the words of the psalmist can still be heard in places of worship around the world:


People long for a savior, a redeemer, a rescuer to appear and put those abusers out. People look for a day when the wicked will face a just punishment for their misdeeds. Today’s five understandable words are a natural expression by those who seek order, peace, and kindness in the world. This psalm encourages us to cry out to God with all one’s heart, that evil’s long tenure will be abruptly halted and restrained from dominating our societies ever again.

 Thy Kingdom come on earth as it is in Heaven!