5 Understandable Words for Today:

“...the source of eternal salvation…” Hebrews 5:9

While exhorting first century Jewish Christians to hold firmly to the faith (4:14), the writer also presented a theological argument supporting Christ as both the promised Messiah - making Him The Eternal High Priest (vv. 1-10). Evidence provided to support the assertion were:

  1. He became human to be able to sympathize with us (vv. 2,7,&8);

  2. He was ordained by The Heavenly Father (vv. 5,6,&10);

  3. He became the final sacrifice (vv. 8&9).

By His resurrection, Jesus claimed the crown as eternity’s King, our eternal High Priest, and the perpetual Prophet of Love and Joy.

The writer of Hebrews then chastised those who had fallen away from threat of death. They were reprimanded for their lack of familiarity with scriptural truths, leading to compromised living, being unable “to distinguish good from evil” (vv. 11-14).

If there is a weakness in the church today, it is biblical illiteracy. One is unable to apply the strength of God’s Word toward principles for living when it is absent from a daily practice of reading and praying for its activation in one’s heart and mind.

May God’s Word equip you for every good work He brings your way!

Have a blessed day!