5 Understandable Words:

“I tell you the truth, on this night, before the rooster crows, you will deny me three times.” Matthew 26:34

As we saw yesterday, we are all found guilty of betraying God. “Surely not I, Lord” is a thought many have considered, disbelieving the possibility of personal moral failure in any shape or form. Yet, history shows humanity’s default mode of sin – inherited from Adam and Eve. After Jesus instituted what Christians worldwide now celebrate as “Communion” (vv. 17 – 29), he informed His disciples that they would ALL abandon Him. Each of them would hide, so as not to be identified as His disciple – personally recruited and trained by Him (v.31).

Jesus took them to the sacred texts. The Living Word was about to reveal a script written from eternity past. Jesus reminded His disciples of prophesy written many years before - a passage from Zechariah 13:7:

“I will strike the shepherd, and the sheep of the flock will be scattered.” (v.31b)

Then Jesus matter-of-factly informed them that after His resurrection He would meet them in Galilee (v.32; also read 28:7-16). Peter would have none of it and declared he would never abandon Jesus in His time of need, even if all the others ran away (v.33). Jesus’ reply to Peter is where our phrase under study appears once again. The God-Son calmly told Peter how Peter would deny Him three times before the next morning (v.34). Still, Peter and the rest of the disciples all declared they would die with Him, if necessary (v.35).

The eternal truth written in this passage is found in Heaven’s narrative of earthly history. Jesus was informing His disciples of events which were yet to come! Just as the disciples could not fathom such supernatural knowledge, so we are not be able to comprehend God’s unrestricted access to time and history, both from eternity past to eternity future. God has already written the end of the story for every living person, every nation, and for earth as we know it. He is never uninformed or surprised by anything that happens in our lives, our country, or our world. In fact, He has already been there. Like an author who has written the story and knows the characters, plot, storyline, and ending before it is published, so God knows our future as intimately as our past. This is why we can trust God with our lives. O, what comfort and assurance that gives!

If you know Him, He is walking with you through your loneliness, through every painful circumstance, through your tragedy, through your moment of critical need. Talk to Him… lay your burden at His feet. He will get you through the crisis, and you will rise up to abundant living.

Have a blessed day…